Educational Consultants Management System

Carlow Digital Arts & Technologies, LLC has developed a complete management system specifically designed for managing school contracts, work orders, and work reports for educational consultants who provide on-site instructional, tutoring, and mentoring services to K-12 educators and administrators in the classroom.

The CDAT Educational Management System is easy to learn, easy to navigate, and easy to manage. Whether you are an independent consultant or a large company managing hundreds of consultants, the CDAT Educational Management System will streamline your operations and provide you with real-time reports as to the activities and progress of your educational consultants while representing your company.

Ask Us for a Full Demonstration

We invite you to make an appointment and allow Carlow Digital Arts & Technologies, LLC the opportunity to demonstrate the many features of the CDAT Educational Consultants Management System for providing consistency and accountability for K-12 school districts with your consultants.

Primary Features & Functions of the System

  • Create and manage prospects and clients with an advanced Contact Resource Management (CRM) interface. Allows for bulk communications and targeted list generation by keywords and other specific criteria. Create marketing campaigns by areas, school types, school departments, or other custom fields you create.

  • Create and manage access levels and access accounts for staff, managers, clients or any other levels to restrict and/or allow exclusive access to various areas and content of the website and management functions.

  • Create and manage services provided, billing charges, billing increments and billing categories for products and services offered and invoiced through the management system.

  • Create and manage contracts for products and services provided by you and your consultants, as well as identify and pool consultants for contracts according to criteria and matching skills of consultants.

  • Create, manage and assign contract work orders to consultants automatically through the management system, and allow consultants to reply to work order requests instantly through email and a direct link to accept or deny work order requests. Multiple work orders can be assigned to client contracts, or multiple contracts per client can also be assigned.

  • Create, manage and assign contract work orders to consultants automatically through the management system, and allow consultants to reply to work order requests instantly through email and a direct link to accept or deny work order requests. Consultants do not have to sign-in to the system to accept work orders, schedule work order days, or complete work reports.

  • Consultants provided a unique, secure and individual direct link to accept and schedule work order days via an easy to manage calendar system which is instantly fed to the administrative master calendar for project managers and system owners to record scheduled activities associated with consultant work order assignments.

  • Project managers and owners create, edit and manage custom work report templates according to specifics of contracts and/or work orders associated with contracts. Multiple work report templates can be stored and utilized as needed for various clients, contracts and/or work orders.

  • Work reports can be completed and submitted by consultants utilizing a computer or mobile device as they complete their tasks throughout the day, or at the end of the work day for project managers and system owners to review, accept, edit or reject before approving final reports to be sent to client.

  • Work reports are completed weekly and spooled to be automatically emailed at the same designated time every week to those contacts identified in the contract to receive email PDF copies of completed and approved work reports.

  • Completed work reports automatically generate and spool monthly pay vouchers for consultants, and invoices for clients as work reports are completed and approved by the project managers and/or owners.

  • Invoice management allows for adjustments and corrections prior to monthly invoices automatically emailed to accounts payable contacts identified in each contract. Copies of invoices can also be sent to superintendents, program directors or anyone else identified in the contract.

  • Easy to navigate reporting pages allow for sorting and totaling of revenues versus pay voucher expenses, so you know at a glance what your income and expenses are for contracts and completed work orders each month throughout the year.

  • History of all contracts, invoices, work orders, work reports, revenues, pay vouchers, and other information is available through the manager system and downloadable copies available for your convenience and record storage.

  • Annual consultant training session is included, as well as 24 hour response time for support issues related to data errors or anomalies that may occur as a result user or system errors.

  • Live technical support is available to consultants Monday - Friday between the hours of 6AM to 6PM, and on weekends from 8AM to noon. After-hours assistance and support is also available 24/7 for owners and project managers.